About IPAC - A Voice in Tallahassee for Florida's Homeowners

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In 2007, while in Tallahassee representing the public adjusting profession, I discovered that the basic rights of property policyholders were being ignored. It was then that I decided to start IPAC, the Insured Public Action Coalition. I felt it was about time that someone represented the unheard voice in Tallahassee, Florida's insured property owners.

Today, IPAC recognizes that insurance companies provide a vital service to all property owners in Florida. But we also understand insurance companies are for-profit and as such their commitment to their own bottom line can conflict with their commitment to serve their customers. Furthermore, it's no secret that insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year hiring lobbyists to influence lawmakers, tipping new insurance policy in their favor, and not in the policyholders' favor.

IPAC works with lobbyists who bring the concerns of Florida's insured property owners directly to the desks of state lawmakers. Our lobbyists keep a vigilant lookout for a legislative course of action that could adversely affect policy holders.

When appropriate, IPAC follows with an opposition campaign set against any legislation that could prove detrimental to Florida's insured property owners. These campaigns will use the policyholders themselves as well as a team of on-the-ground lobbyists. IPAC then documents the efforts of those involved constituents as well as involved lobbyists on IPAC's website, ipacfl.org.

- Mark Boardman